IPC Torch Bearer


IPC Torch Bearer

Dr. Mohamed Helal is the founder of Interpharma Corporation. He was graduated from veterinary medical college. After graduation, he worked in some big and famous companies. He proved commitment, loyalty, excellent work and innovation. He has reached promising positions in those companies. Dr. Helal had his Phd in Pharmacology.

Through his eventful life, he gained trustful relationships with big customers and investors country-wide and also with international companies world-wide.

IPC distributed a lot of Market leaders for a world wide. IPC is a sole agent and distributer for a lot of companies like BASF SE, Evonik, CHr-Hansen, C.J Biotech, Vilofoss, Biochem, Nutrex nv, DOX-AL, Uramel international, Global Feed, Fusion Biosystems, …………..etc.

One of Dr.Mohamed Helal’s achievement that he has been awarded the Europe Business Assembly from the Achievements Forum – 2021 organizing committee.