About IPC


About IPC


Is an Egyptian limited liability partnership, its head quarter located in Cairo and also we own other active branch in Zagazig and both are owned collectively by Dr. Mohamed Helal.

Flexibility and intelligent selection are our great strength that is why we are excellent in introducing new products so quickly, we owe this speed not only to our imported products but also to our sales division in Egypt and soon in MENA region.

Our business is characterized by an open and informal culture, and by short lines between sales and products’ availability. This allows us to respond very quickly to market demands and needs.

The company’s age in the Egyptian market since 2008 till Now which occupy a high level in the veterinary pharmaceuticals , feed additives market and leader market in Amino Acids.

Company Profile

The company is considered as an exclusive agent for distributing and selling global products with excellent reputation among markets in efficiency and high production.

INTERPHARMA Corporation IPC is the sole agent and distributor for BASF SE, Evonik, CHR-Hansen, C.J Biotech, Vilofoss, Biochem, Nutrex nv, DOX-AL, Uramel International, Global Feed, Fusion biosystems and other multinational companies.

We have 165 employers including administrators, technicians, medical representatives and veterinarians qualified for this job.


INTERPHARMA Corporation IPC has a scientific office which helps customers to overcome their problems and crises in a scientific way by giving proofs which is built upon scientific documental researches.

INTERPHARMA Corporation IPC deals with the largest companies, feed plants and veterinary pharmacies all over Egypt which put their trust in our products after dealing with us a long time in their farms and feeds. INTERPHARMA Corporation IPC has sister companies which are INTERPHARMA KSA , INTERPHARMA Sudan and INTERPHARMA LIBYA .